De stoel van Friso Kramer

The award-winning Revolt chair is an icon in the history of industrial design in the Netherlands. It was designed by Friso Kramer (b 1922), manufactured by De Cirkel and launched by Ahrend in 1955. Kramer was looking to create a light, slender and indestructible chair. Instead of using traditional steel tubing, he developed a frame of bent sheet steel. The back and seat were made of a new kind of plastic, flexible yet strong. It became the ideal chair to furnish offices, canteens, classrooms and living rooms.

As a ‘public’ piece of furniture it has become part of the collective memory. The tale of the success of the Revolt chair is told as a story of many people: of the perfectionist designer, the enlightened manufacturing company director, of the production team on the factory floor, PR managers, museum directors and of people sitting. The Revolt is the first post-war chair in which enlightened entrepreneurship, new technologies and modern marketing strategies came together.